November 10_Weidenbaum Center Virtual Public Policy Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jamie Barron
Hello everyone. We will be starting very shortly.
Jamie Barron
If anyone has a question for Ben, please put in CHAT.
Andrew Reeves
The question was what is the emotional language for.
Jamie Barron
If anyone has questions for Ariela as she is speaking, please put them in CHAT and we will take at end of her talk.
Steve Radinsky
Last year 107,000 people died of drug overdose. A large % of the deaths is due to Fentanyl. This does not include the many murders every day in our cities many of which are drug related. Many immigrants are used as drug mules to cross the border by the cartels. The Fentanyl mostly comes from China and supported by the Chinese Govt. How can we have an open border
Gayle Jackson
I think it is important to hae perspective on the typical or average number of years it takes to adjudicate these asylum-seeking cases. Can you speak to that? are these long waits for resolution of cases due entirely or largely to shortage of personnel to deal with the cases, i.e., can these waits be reduced simply by adding personnel?
Steve Radinsky
About 300,000 immigrants come across the border every month and about 50,000 are got always. What is the cost to educate, feed, house and medical care etc?
Michael Wysession
A huge factor in those civil wars has also been the collapse of agriculture due to climate change (the worst extended drought in the past 1000 years.
Michael Wysession
She just went into the lead ☹️
Timothy McBride
Yes, Boebert just went into the lead by 433 votes. But I hear on social media that more votes are coming in from Pueblo. Pitkin COunty is showing only 80% reporting
Jamie Barron
Should you have any questions for Steve Smith, please put them in CHAT and we will address them after his talk as time allows.
Steve Radinsky
If the Republicans have a small majority will they start investigations of Hunter etc?
Gayle Jackson
Can you characterize the role of independent voters in the outcomes?
Jamie Barron
Question: Bipartisan support of the Filibuster?
Gayle Jackson
What do you have to say about the apparent "ticket-splitting" that occurred in selected races?
Paul Eykamp, PhD
Ah the British system has arrrived!