November 17_Forum on Midterm Elections - Shared screen with speaker view
Alana Bame
If anyone has questions for our panelists, please put them in CHAT and we will answer after all panelists have spoken.
Elizabeth Larson
Can we extrapolate anything from the midterm election results and Trump's upcoming presidential run?
steve radinsky
The promise of dismissing student loans up to $20000 with couples making up to $250,000 was offered before the election. There are 40 million people with student loans and that does not include their spouses. Did this promise sway many voters to vote Democratic even though this may be thrown out by the courts. There are also 65 million people taking different forms of welfare. Did this promise stop the Red Wave? Was this a bribe?
Michael Wysession
Did this election give you any hints as to the future of the moderate republican?
Alana Bame
Question: what is the role of Dobbs? Are voters angry and punishing GOP or is this more forward looking?
steve radinsky
I was making phone calls for a candidate and when I called many out of state people they had told me even though they are still on the Mo. voter after 20-30 years and voted twice. Also in a class I was in several people who had a residence in another state said they voted twice and were proud of it. How do we calculate this level of voter fraud?
Steve Knight
It feels as though major democrat policy or legislative initiatives i.e. American Rescue Plan, Child Tax Credit, Build back Better etc didn’t register strongly with voters. Same with foreign policy. Did they have any election impact?
Gayle Jackson
I hope the panel will address the question raised by Steve Radinsky regarding the feasibility and evidence (or lack thereof) of people voting twice in different states. What are the safeguards?
steve radinsky
I called the Sec. of State office about people never taken off the voter rolls and he said the Democratic refuse and there is no way to enforce.I