Women's Networking and Public Policy Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Melinda Warren
I'll close the breakout rooms in a minute.
Betsy Cohen Stl Mosaic
A tip if you didn't know you can see up to 49 on your one screen. Go to lower left under Stop Video and click video settings. Then scroll down and move your mark from 25 to 49 and you will see all on one screen!
Melinda Warren
Please feel free to put questions in the chat window as they come to you.
Gayle Jackson
Thanks, Betsy!
Melinda Warren
What effect has the law of 2005 had on marriage rates? Are there fewer marriages? Does the fairness in inheritance ruling decrease marriages or delay marriages?
Melinda Warren
What action(s) by public officials would lead to the offramp from the cycle of violence? Do you have an example of a better way to respond that would end the cycle?
Donna Jones
Are you finding that all sectors of public expect different responses to terrorisms?