March 9_WC Public Policy Lunch Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Alana Bame
Can everyone make sure their microphone is muted please?
Steven Fazzari
Feel free to type questions into the “Chat” window.
Dea (DEE-uh) Hoover (she/her/hers)
America has moved to corporate farming. Farm Aid came about as John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson saw the family farms folding being pushed out by the corporations who rec’d large subsidies, PIK program certificates and the Food Stamp Program is under the Ag Dept to help farmers, but corporate farms navigate it more easily. Even family farms have been incorporated to keep in “business”. However, our subsidies are directed at row crops versus vegetables and fruits, causing lots of acreage used for those three crops
Sunita Parikh
That's a great point, Dea. That's much of what the Indian farmers are afraid of. They understand the system they're in now, imperfect as it is.
Dea (DEE-uh) Hoover (she/her/hers)
My thought exactly. You did a fantastic job summarizing. Thank you.
Sunita Parikh
My pleasure!
Keith Guller
How accurate are the CNN reports of Chinese Government reporting evidence of Beijing's intent for ongoing genocide against and to destroy Uyghur people
Timothy McBride
our students from China have been subject to quite a lot of negativity and stereotyping, stress
Steve Radinsky
Does the Chinese government have any responsibility by not allowing WHO or any group into the Wuhan lab to investigate and interview the scientist working in the lab. It has been reported that in 2019 workers in the lab came down with symptoms like Coved
Victor Frankel
A quick google indicates that NY has a 575K population. 20 is the numerator
Melinda Warren
Please make sure that you are muted.
Caitlyn Collins
Timothy McBride
how much are the labor force and hours changes explained by the jobs women hold? women are more likely to be in jobs hit by recession.. with layoffs, furloughs... e.g. retail.
Victor Frankel
Is data broken down by grades K-5, middle school and high school. Why was there not more openings of K-5?
Dea (DEE-uh) Hoover (she/her/hers)
And too piggy back on Timothy McBride: Tourism
Timothy McBride
that is a good test. both pieces may explain what's going on. but I agree with Cate on that test.
Dea (DEE-uh) Hoover (she/her/hers)
Thank you for studying this.