Amazonian Dark Earths, Polyculture Agroforestry Systems, and their Modern Legacy - Shared screen with speaker view
David Strait
Dear All, My apologies, my internet connection is very spotty at the moment, so I am going to leave my camera off to try to improve the signal.
Natalie Mueller
Hi everyone! If you want to talk to Dr. Iriarte more he will be zooming into Ethnobiology Journal Club tomorrow morning at 9am CST. You can find the zoom link to join the journal club here: https://mobot-ethnobiology-jc.weebly.com/
Natalie Mueller
We will discuss his 2020 paper, "The origins of Amazonian landscapes: plant cultivation, domestication and the spread of food production in tropical South America," which you can alos find on the website
Michael Frachetti
Thanks Natalie! Also.. after the lecture, if you have a question for Dr. Iriarte, please post it here in the chat, and I will call on you in order. Thanks!
Helina Woldekiros
Thank you so much for the Great talk Dr. Iriarte! One question, to what extent is this fertile system, dependent on the dust coming from the Sahara desert? Thank you
Natalie Mueller
I have one
Xinyi Liu
I have a question
Tristram Kidder
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Glenn Stone
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Sandra Nichols
Thank you José—you first opened my eyes to ADEs several years ago at an AAGeographers conference! You mention that the eastern slopes of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru are fairly unexplored for ADEs. What are the first steps for prospecting for ADEs — soil analysis?
Michael Frachetti
If I can call on myself after Sandra. :)