September 8_Weidenbaum Center Virtual Public Policy Lunch Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Ben Gerber
Not sure the sound is coming through the online feed
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It currently is
Ben Gerber
OK. Thank you
Chris - AV
live transcription is also enabled
Barry Sharon
visual is not working well.
Elizabeth Larson
i'm here :)
Alana Bame
For those of you on Zoom, please make sure your microphone is muted. Thanks!
Alana Bame
If anyone has a question, you can put in CHAT and we will try to answer.
Timothy McBride
I have worked for years to get a conference to come to STL, the leading economics conference. It is slated to come here in June 2023. After the Dobbs decision there have been some in the membership that are not wanting the conference to come to Missouri. The Association is currently considering whether or not to come here.
Timothy McBride
(FYI, I should have said leading health economics conference)
Ben Gerber
Hope both you and Pujols get it :)
Alana Bame
Should anyone have a question for Professor Fazzari, please put it in CHAT and we will do our best to address as time allows.
Timothy McBride
Q for Steve: retail gas prices have dropped about $1.30/gallon over three months, a drop of about 25% from the peak. How long will it take for that drop to play out in the inflation metrics?
Timothy McBride
to add to what Steve is saying, one of the remarkable things that has happened, speaking of services.. health care price inflation is very low relative to overall inflation, which is very odd. the health care price index in July was 2.7% and overall was more than twice as high. Usually health care prices rise faster than overall prices.
Timothy McBride
hard to believe we are in a recession if the unemployment rate is <4% and job growth is robust, over 300,000/mo
peggy Symes
queen elizabeth just died. so sad
Timothy McBride
Yes, didn't want to interrupt the event with the news, but the news delivered she passed away during this meeting. RIP Queen Elizabeth. Long Live King Charles
steve radinsky
i just went to my eye doctor and he said he can not get anyone to workin the office. They all want to work at home.
Keith Williamson
Thank you Alana. Great program. Hope that all is well with you.
steve radinsky
I just came back from Croatia and inflation there is worse there. Gas at $8 a gallon. How does this effect us.
Timothy McBride
Q: to add to your analysis Steve, we have talked about the fast rising energy prices, and food. And why that happened. The other big factor in rising prices was in new and used vehicles. I think that was a pandemic effect and supply chain problems. In other words, market problems, and pandemic issues. Right Steve?
Timothy McBride
Data: in 12 months ending in July... energy prices up 32.9%, food up 10.9% new vehicles up 10.4%
Timothy McBride
Oddly.. and against trend: medical care services up 5% (usually faster than overall CPI)
Timothy McBride
Thanks Weidenbaum