Weidenbaum Center Public Policy Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Melinda Warren
Please type questions in the chat. We'll get to as many as possible.
Steve Nystrom
What do we know about the Russian vaccine?
Steven Knight
To what degree did speed of development mitigate against discovery of longer term shortcoming or risks of vaccines.
Adam Wilson
To what extent did that cancer funding/learning impact BioNTech's ability to adapt their learnings to mitigate Covid?
Carolyn Henges
how do we get countries like Tanzania to agree to vaccinate their people ..they are not doing so…
Susan J Becker
Steve, going forward. this topic can/should be a stand alone event. let’s get the speaker back for a much longer session. this is too important to rush through
Jason Roland
Keep up the good work!
Susan J Becker
please let’s schedule Michael again on this same topic ASAP
Stephen Waltman
What are the differences between White Supremacists and BLM as in Seattle
Susan J Becker
David, have you investigated the rabid antisemitism of the radical right and matched on the radical left, especially seen in the St. Louis region
Tim McBride
Just today, a 4th Senator announced he will retire and not run for re-election (Shelby, AL). Seems a lot of Republicans are retiring. Thoughts on the prospects for the GOP in 2022?
Tim McBride
Just today, former Sen Scott Sifton announced he is running for Senate in Missouri in 2022. Thoughts?
Susan J Becker
excellent point. also today a republican congressman died of covid19 [caught during the insurrection from non-mask wearing colleagues]. are they killing off their own ??
Tim McBride
I was always surprised that in the Trump years he did not push further on infrastructure. It seems the Dems would go for this, and Trump wanted it. Biden says he wants it, and he hired Buttigieg. What are "the Steves" thoughts on this?
Tim McBride
For what it is worth Larry Summers seems also to want more infrastructure in the bill and less direct payment.
Stephen Waltman
Can the Senate override the Parliamentarian