April 20_Weidenbaum Center Virtual Public Policy Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Beth Hertzig
Alana Bame
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Alana Bame
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Timothy McBride
Great to see this Steve. One thing that perplexes me is that multiple metrics the economy is in great shape -- GDP rising, huge employment growth and more. Yet he has a negative rating on the economy. I know it's driven by inflation. But how common is it that there be a mismatch between how the economy is doing and presidential job approval? And what is the cause?
Steve Nystrom
Might a Supreme Court decision on Roe affect the attitude of the independents significantly?
Gayle Jackson
Does dividing the Independents into age cohorts offer any useful insights? I know younger voters for Biden are disenchanted because of (1) failure to forgive student loan debt (although there is a new proposal on that in recentdays that can alleviate the student loan debt burdens) and (2) failure to support more low carbon policies.
Timothy McBride
Congratulation Tara -- richly deserved!
Timothy McBride
I am old enough to remember when inflation hit 18% one month, if I remember.. maybe 13% on an annual basis (in 1980)
Steven Smith
Schumer’s campaign to get Biden to forgive student loans is grounded in the strategy of keeping young people engage. Of course, it fits only young people with loans—those who incurred loans by going on to school after high school. Climate change is a huge issue with Democrats….and suburbanites who are frustrated with weakening support for pro-environmental measures among Republican leaders.
Tara Sinclair
Thanks Tim!
Timothy McBride
Energy prices (gas and other) are driving inflation with huge increases as noted (up 32%). Also used cars (up 35% annually through March). But all items less food and energy still rising 6.5% which is not low, and food is up 8.8%
Timothy McBride
here is rare good news -- medical price increases are quite LOW in the last year. Rising "only" 2.9%. Usually medical care prices rise ABOVE the overall CPI
Sydney t
Extreme liquidity provided by the Fed since the 2008 period, accelerated by the covid shock and the war has the risk of turning the temporary supply shocks into a persistent problem. Nominal rates must go up! The Fed has to Act and Bullard is right! From an older PHD in economics!
Timothy McBride
and REAL inflation adjusted wages are not rising, at least in last few months
With the increase in the Mtg. rate and the problem with individuals qualifying for mtgs at the increased payments, the rate of individuals making new loans has decreased within the past few weeks.
Paul Schultz
Could laxer immigration allow more workers and bring prices down
Timothy McBride
the "Great Resignation" (not the right name) is real. There are huge labor shortages some places. In part due to retirement. There huge workforce challenges in health care
Timothy McBride
Thanks Tara! Great to see you here
Tara Sinclair
Thanks Tim and everyone - great to be "back" at Wash U!
Timothy McBride
Thanks Steve squared