March 28_Weidenbaum Center Virtual Public Policy Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Alana Bame
Please mute your microphones. Thanks.
Veronica King
Will there be a nuclear war or chemical weapons used against US?
Edmund Acosta
From conventional warfare, to asymmetrical, to now soft power; ...how do economic/cyber/diplomatic methods play during stalemate scenarios?
Gayle Jackson
You have not mentioned the influence or impact of China at all, for whose leaders this conflict is not helpful to its long-term interest in supporting a reasonably stable globalized trading structure, which enables it to increase the standard of living of its population.
Gayle Jackson
Commentaries on the possible shape of a negotiated settlement suggest the Zelensky government, if pushed to the wall, might agree to a referendum in eastern Ukraine to decide if it would be separated from Ukraine proper into an autonomous republic, or even become part of Russia.
Gayle Jackson
The question is: What do you think the prospects of a referendum are and what would the outcome be? Have a majority of the pro-West inhabitants fled?
Veronica King
Should African American women consider the nomination an advancement or just more pacification?
Gayle Jackson
A NY Times Opinion piece yesterday suggested “Judge” Jackson would exert influence to focus more on narrower procedural matters and that Justice Kavanaugh actually has shown support for such an approach to deciding cases. Do you agree, or can you discuss the likelihood of this?
Gayle Jackson
DO you expect Judge Jackson to be closer to a Judge Kagan or a Judge Sotomayor (with Kagan obviously closer to the Center)?
Edward Jones
What value-add does an independent sovereign nation have, and what value to Russia other than restoration of the Russian Empire in Putin’s mind?
Daniel Smith
Thank you, Krister. The notion that NATO "expanded" is equivalent to the manner as Russia is "expanding" into Ukraine has been maddening to me.
Gayle Jackson
I understood that the Russian-speaking population in Donbass and east represented only 25% of the population. So would a referendum deliver a decision favoring incorporation into Russia? (Of course if managed by Russia, the possibility of fraudulent election is high.