CBAC Seminar Series - Ulrich Schotten, MD, PhD - Shared screen with speaker view
Huyen (Gwen) Nguyen
Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone from around the world! Welcome to the CBAC Seminar Series! Please remember the following during the presentation:1) To turn on the Speaker Spotlight: Go to the top right corner, click the three vertical dots, and select “Spotlight Speaker.”2) If you have any questions, please post your message to everyone.3) Remember to keep yourself muted throughout the presentation.
Igor Efimov
Question: Great talk!!! What do you think about an emerging theory of cardio-immunology in application of AF? Inflammatory and/or immune response are clearly involved in genesis of AF, and resident immune cells are present in atria in large numbers, and their number is increasing in disease.
David Van Wagoner
Uli - this is a tour de force! WRT sex differences in fibrosis, do you think any of this might be reversible with long-term use of direct thrombin inhibitors?
Kalyanam Shivkumar
Great talk!! What are your thoughts are neural control and remodeling causing alterations in regional neurotransmitter release? (Shivkumar-UCLA)
Igor Efimov
We have data showing significant differences between sexes in resident immune cells, which could contribute to EP/ AF differences.
Sandor Kovacs
excellent. WRT male/female differences does atrial fib dominant frequency depend on astral hemodynamics? atrial size?
Rob MacLeod
Fabulous Uli! So impressive this integration of basic and clinical science. Something we rarely see in other institutions. Is physical proximity the key? How do you establish this level of mutual interest and respect?
Guy Salama
We have been studying the actions of Relaxin to suppress AF in aged rats.It appears that aged females have more fibrosis and Relaxin for 2-weeks is effective at reversing fibrosis and suppressing AF. Child bearing history may have an impct on AF risk according to a study from Duke University.
Stacey Rentschler
Great talk! We also have seen right versus left atrial differences in gene expression and epigenetic.
Stacey Rentschler
In ISOLATION, are you planning to look at all AF, including paroxysmal? Will you map in sinus and in AF? One could imagine that the AF itself could influence EP parameters.
Ursula Ravens
Amazing talk, Uli, thank you. Unfortunately I must leave now. Much more of this stimulating discussion! Bye for now Ursula
Carol Ann Remme
Wonderful talk, thank you!