International Student Experience at the Brown School - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Chat is now enabled for everyone, so feel free to begin introducing yourselves in the chat!
Natnael Girmaye
Hi everyone, my name is Natnael Girmaye (he/him/his).
Natnael Girmaye
My home country is Ethiopia, I’m a prospective graduate student of MPH in health policy analysis for fall 2023. I’m excited to be here.
Destiny Williams
Hi my name is destiny and my graduate year is 2024 but I want to graduate early but I want to study DBBS
Fahima Bushra
Hello everyone! I am Dr. Fahima Bushra, a dentist from Bangladesh. I am currently doing a Master's in Public Health in my country and would like to pursue a Ph.D. in Public Health from WashU. I use the pronouns She/her/hers. I have two questions to ask. 1) Since my MPH won't be finished before January and the deadline for application is December 1, is there any way to consider unofficial Master's transcript, before I can submit the official transcript from WES? (2) I don't have any research publication yet. What should I do about the "Writing Sample"?
Anna Guskova
Hi, I'm Anna! I'm a certified language coach and professional life coach. I'm from Russia, Siberia, Tomsk. Lived and worked in Beijing, China for three years before the pandemic. I'm applying for MSW at Brown School, and I'm interested in Social and Economic Development (International) with Social Entrepreneurship specialization. I would like to shift and enhance my career track to work particularly with migrant populations (immigrants and expats) to contribute to their mental health and wellbeing and maximizing human potential in a new setting. Happy to see the Brown School representatives and students today to get the feeling of the school :)
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Thank you for your question, Fahima! If you are able, please enter your questions in the Q&A section and we'll be happy to answer them.
Georgewilliam Kalibbala
Georgewilliam Kalibbala, Ugandan applying for a MPH with Epidemiology and Biostatistics concentration.
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Hi Anna, that's incredible! Thank you so much for joining us today.
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Welcome Georgewilliam!
Portia Nartey(she/her), MSW, MSP
MetroLink is the Train
Mackayla Meng
My name is Mackayla Meng and I’m from Beijing China. I’m currently an undergraduate student at WashU, and I learned about Brown School when I took classes in the Hillman Hall.
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Hi Mackayla! So excited you're considering staying at WashU to attend the Brown School.
Gideon Okyere-Boateng
Hello, I'm Gideon Okyere-Boateng from Ghana. I have applied for Master's in Public Health in Brown School
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Hi Gideon! That's excellent, we're excited to review your application!
Natnael Girmaye
Hi eveyone, my name is Natnael Genene (he/him/his). I’m a physician from Ethiopia, and a prospective graduate student of MPH in Health Policy Analysis for fall 2023. The health policy program at your school took me by surprise as it relates to my previous work in quality improvement and health reform initiatives. Thank you for this helpful webinar.
Anna Guskova
Hi Mackayla, happy to see you are from Beijing, loved the international and authentic vibes of that city :) Missing it a lot.
Chen Chen(she/her) MSW/MPH
There are lots of interesting dancing classes & cooking classes & events at the gym. Most of them are free!!
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Hi Natnael, thank you so much for joining us! We're really glad that you're interested in the Health Policy specialization in our MPH program.
Mackayla Meng
Hi Anna, it’s so nice to meet someone who shares my experience with my city
Fahima Bushra
Thanks Sarah! I have already asked my questions in the Q/A section. Thank you for arranging this webinar!
Collins Atuhairwe
I would like to connect to Peter Kalulu to guide me because he is from Uganda like me
Peter Kalulu MPH-GH (He/Him)
Hi Collins, that's ok. kalulu@wustl.edu is my email
Peter Kalulu MPH-GH (He/Him)
Hi Collins, that's ok. kalulu@wustl.edu is my email
Natnael Girmaye
Thanks Sarah! That was insightful.
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
Certainly! You can check out other Professional Development opportunities here: https://brownschool.wustl.edu/Resources-and-Initiatives/Professional-Development/Pages/default.aspx
Destiny Williams
Thank you guys for the info!
Anna Guskova
Thanks for the information!
Chen Chen(she/her) MSW/MPH
It might be helpful to check the safety around your living area. https://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-St.-Louis-Missouri.html
Zizi Xu Shillig | Global Programs Office
Housing Resources: • WashU Residential Life: https://students.wustl.edu/residential-life/• WashU Off-Campus LivingWashU offers some properties around the school district for renting, and these properties are characterized by their proximity to the school and logistical security.o Quadrangle Housing:https://quadrangle.wustl.edu/properties/graduate/o Parallel: https://www.rentparallel.com/• Apartment Referral Services: https://ars.wustl.edu/housing
Anna Guskova
Yes, my question is also about how secure it is to live in Saint Louis. Thank you for the link!
Tammy Orahood
Sarah Birch (she/her) | Admissions
We have another virtual information session coming up on Wednesday, November 16! "Ask Us Anything: Application, Funding Opportunities and More." Register here: https://brownschool.wustl.edu/Events/Pages/Event3699684.aspx
Anna Guskova
Thank you! Looking forward for the next session :)
Natnael Girmaye
Thank you Tammy and Ali.
Ali Lateef
Your welcome Natnael
Georgewilliam Kalibbala
thank you it has been so informative
Kwame Adjei-Sefah
thank you
Fahima Bushra
hank you