December 2_Weidenbaum Center Virtual Public Policy Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Alana Bame
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Alana Bame
How much are the big companies like Amazon and Walmart responsible? Some say they are squeezing out smaller competitors.
Alana Bame
What impact if any will the study on the supply chain that the Federal Trade Commission is conducting have? Can that agency do anything to break the logjam?
Alana Bame
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Elizabeth Larson
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Jason Roland
Have there been businesses that have popped up during the pandemic that is filling gaps? Anyone prospering during the supply chain and the demand issues?
Keith Guller
Chair Powell (of the Federal Reserve), is now hinting that we can’t be sure that price increase will slow in the second half of next year. Powell has also said that he believes that the supply - and - demand imbalances should fade as the pandemic eases. In addition, In addition, it is believed that the excess spending by the present administration, has been a major contributor to high inflation, and increasing the ability of increased spending, increasing demand. What other options are there to slow inflation?
Alana Bame